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Rob Wants To Help Your Team Grow Sales In Today's Uncertainty. 


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 72% Of Business Leaders Say Improving Customer Experience Is Their Top Priority.

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"Take the free call with Rob to learn how to save time and money aligning your team's sales and customer experience strategy!"

Handyman Group

"Rob is a fantastic person to work with! His winning sales and customer experience formula will keep your customers coming back for years!"

Freshslice Pizza

"It's working in our 70+ locations to keep everyone focused on our Freshslice Cares customer experience!"

Rob Helps Clients Close Gaps In Their Customer Experience Costing Them Sales - Then Makes It Easy To Share That Strategy On Each Team Member's Smartphone.

The software starts at $119 month for up to 1,000 employees.

Your Warranty Team - Randy Kammerer, CEO

"Rob's gift was reverse engineering our customers needs and building a simple, repeatable business model. We then scaled across Canada!" 

Global Leadership Consultant, Ron Sepielli

"Rob's been helping clients grow sales easier for decades. His solutions work through a simple roadmap that's easy to understand!"

Professional Sales Academy, Shane Gibson, CEO

"Rob is a business growth and culture building genius! His insights and processes helped me create success for many of my clients!"

Rob's Sold $7 Million In Training and Consulting In The Areas Of Sales, Customer Experience, Leadership and Online Learning.

His Early Training Came From Disney, Owning His Own Theme Park And Years Working For Global Consulting Companies. 

A Customer Experience Strategy Drives Sales and Loyalty At Disney, Starbucks, Apple and Amazon.

Investing In Your Customer Experience Strategy Is A Top Priority Because You Know One Bad Experience Can Cost You Thousands In Sales Over Time.


Start A Conversation With Rob

Customers No Longer Base Their Loyalty On Price, Product Or Service, It's Your Customer Experience. 

Rob Helps Clients Grow Sales And Save Time

  • Get started with a FREE 30 min discovery call with Rob.
  • Rob will help you build experiences your customers want most to grow sales easier!
  • Let him share lessons he learned the hard way so you don't have to.
  • Rob offers custom consulting solutions around your priority needs through a proven framework.
  • Your investment is low risk because Rob works off a simple agreed upon monthly retainer to match your budget and outcomes.
  • Rob combines targeted consulting and an online solution called Kajabi, that can scale up to 1,000 employees starting at only $119 month.


“Rob has been our trusted advisor and has helped us save time and grow revenue through his innovative, client-centric framework.”

Jamie Nay, Co-Managing Partner

Rob Took His Disney Training And Scaled It Down To Grow Sales In His 18 Acre Theme Park Which He Sold In 2010.


He Is A Past Member Of The Customer Experience Professionals Association And The Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) – A Global Network Of More Than 9,500 Business Owners In 42 Countries.  

 “Working with Rob was the greatest reward for our business! His strategies positioned us to triple our revenue the following year!


Rob kept us engaged, focused and accountable. We are grateful to Rob for all of his support, advice and mentorship."

Rita Earhart/Founder, Pair Home Design/Staging That Sells

Hammerco Co-Managing Law Partner, Mel

"Rob's presentation to our partners and associates ignited a spark and created instant momentum!"

Bob Vaughan and Associates

"Rob's helped me sell my keynotes, workshops and online courses more effectively in this uncertain economy."

Community Futures, Collette

"Rob's keynote helped our community leaders restore speed, focus and connection on their customers!"

Pinnacle Pursuits, Jono

"Rob's fresh approach has given us a new lens on our business from our customers standpoint and re-inspired us during this tough time!"


"Rob helped us quickly clarify our sales/marketing experience to better position our proposed all-season mountain resort to government, community organizations, key business leaders and people who love unique outdoor adventures."

 Robert Wilson, President

Rob Looks Forward To Connecting and Learning More About Your Priority Needs.

Start A Conversation With Rob
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