I Help Businesses Grow Through A Seamless Customer Experience Delivered By An Engaged Team That Increases Loyalty, Repeat Business and Revenue!

If your customers have a choice where to buy, then improving your customer experience strategy is critical to grow your business! Remember it costs 7x more to get a new customer.

Customer expectations are higher than ever and word of mouth travels fast! A customer with a smartphone in hand is in the drivers seat today!

Warren Buffet says, “Don’t just satisfy, but delight your customers to grow your business.” 


Lisa Slade, Economic Development

"Rob’s keynote provided our business community with actions and success strategies they could implement immediately. He also did an exceptional job connecting to every business in the room!"

Randy Kammerer, Your Warranty Team

"Rob's gift was reverse engineering my customers needs and building a simple, repeatable business model!"

Dr. Florence Lockhart

"I value Rob’s customer experience system. It’s ease of use has helped me to grow my two dental practices. His accountability coaching is also making it easier and more fun to lead my team of 30!"

Colette Close, Community Futures

“Rob’s keynote presentation helped our business community learn how to restore speed, focus and connection to the customer!"

Jason Lindstrom, Bucketlist

"Rob has an amazing gift of making complex topics simple and easy to understand!"

Shane Gibson, Social Selling

"Rob is a business growth and culture building genius. His insights and processes have helped me create success for many of my clients!"

Mel Beaton, Law Partner

"Rob recently gave our group a presentation on "Managing The Client Experience." This ignited a spark and created instant momentum!"

Adrian Wesley

"Rob's sales formula works! I created raving repeat customers that refer me all my business!"

Why Choose Me?

My clients often comment on my gift of making complex topics simple and easy to understand. With my theme park experience through Dinotown combined with years in the consulting and training business, shaped my ability to offer you a proven customer experience business development framework.

My last growth and value building system called Firing On All Cylinders was sold to one of the largest consulting and training companies in North America. The system was also featured in a best-selling book.

My new and improved customer experience framework customizes and scales to businesses fast. It is designed to eliminate distractions, provide inspiration and make everyones job impact the customer experience.

I offer business development consulting combined with a value added online learning system, workshops and customized keynote speaking.

Let's connect and explore how I can help grow your business faster! I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your successes and high priority needs.

Let's Connect Today!

[email protected] or 604-408-8448!

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