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Struggling With Sales?


Buyers Today Are Keeping Score Of Your Experience. 


Is your team seeing your business through the lens of your buyers' experience? If not, it's costing you sales.


This bestselling book highlights competing on product, service and price in the experience economy is costing you. To grow sales today, buyers demand a SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE. The best way to get your team on the same page is to start with a value map like the Starbucks example below.


Unlock your sales potential and profit from Rob's decades of experience. He will custom  design the right map, guides and tools to close gaps in your buyers experience fast. 


Rob is a sales and customer experience leader, advisor, speaker and former theme park owner with early Disney training.

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Freshslice Pizza

"It's working at our 150 locations that serve 20,000+ guests each day through our "We Care" customer experience!"

Your Warranty Team

"Rob's gift was reverse engineering our customers needs and buiding a simple, repeatable business model we then scaled!"

Pinnacle Pursuits

"Rob's fresh approach has given us a new lens on our business from our customer's standpoint and re-inspired us during these tough times."

Rob's Early Training Came From Disney.

He Then Worked Through Two Global Consulting Companies And Personally Sold Over $7 Million Of Training And Consulting In The Areas Of Sales, Buyer Experience and Leadership Development.

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Rob's Value Map Can Be Customized and Scaled To Any Business Fast. 

See The Starbucks Example

Rob's Client, Freshslice Has Quickly Grown From 70 - 150 Locations Turning NEW Guests To LOYAL Guests!

Global Leadership Consultant, Ron Sepielli

"Rob's been helping clients grow sales easier for decades. His solutions work through a simple roadmap that's easy to understand!"

Professional Sales Academy, Shane Gibson, CEO

"Rob is a business growth and culture building genius! His insights and processes helped me create success for many of my clients!"

Rob Scaled Down His Disney Training To Grow Sales At Dinotown. After Hosting Over One Million Visits, He Sold The Park.

He Is A Past Member Of The Customer Experience Professionals Association And The Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) – A Global Network Of More Than 9,500 Business Owners In 42 Countries.  

Bridal Veil Mountain Resort

"Rob helped us quickly clarify our sales and marketing experience to better position our proposed all-season mountain resort to government, community organizations, key business leaders and people who love unique outdoor adventures."

Robert Wilson, President

Hammerco Co-Managing Law Partner, Mel

"Rob's presentation to our partners and associates ignited a spark and created instant momentum!"

Bob Vaughan and Associates

"Rob's helped me sell my keynotes, workshops and online courses more effectively in this uncertain economy."

Community Futures, Collette

"Rob's keynote helped our community leaders restore speed, focus and connection on their customers!"

Pinnacle Pursuits, Jono

"Rob's fresh approach has given us a new lens on our business from our customers standpoint and re-inspired us during this tough time!"

Rob's Last Sales System Was Sold To Achieve International.

His Proven System Was Featured In This Best Selling Book That Sold Over 120,000 Copies. 

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