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Hi, I'm Rob Ell.

I look forward to connecting and sharing how you can profit from my decades of experience. Selling has never been more competitive.

What's unique about my proven approach is that I start with the end result of what your happy, loyal buyers want most.

I learned this from Disney decades ago. Sales are now won or lost through your buyers' experience, not just your price, product or service. I'm here to help you close gaps in your buyers' experience costing you sales, profit and valuable time!

I proudly serve growing service businesses and the franchise industry!


Freshslice Pizza, "It's working in our 150+ locations to keep everyone focused on our Freshslice Cares experience!"

Your Warranty Team, "Rob's gift was reverse engineering our customer's needs and then building a simple and repeatable business model. It made scaling our business so much easier!"

Pinnacle Pursuits, " Rob's fresh approach has given us a new lens on our business from our customers standpoint and re-inspired us during this tough time!"

Professional Sales Academy, "Rob is a culture building genius! His insights and processes helped me create success for many of my clients!"

Handyman Franchise Group, "Rob's winning sales and customer experience formula will keep your customers coming back for years!"


My clients want to grow sales and teams easier, a proven simple solution that's easy to understand, will customize to their business fast and is combined with an online solution that drives their customized strategy to the entire team's smartphones!

I'm offering a free discovery call so I can better understand your priority needs. I will then introduce you to my quick start value map designed to help grow your sales easier.

My clients often comment on my gift of making complex topics simple and easy to understand. I have personally sold over $7 million dollars of training and consulting. My last sales growth and value building system called Firing On All Cylinders was sold to one of the largest consulting and training companies in North America. The system's best-selling book sold over 120,000 copies.

My early training came from Disney, followed by years in the theme park business as co-founder of Dinotown. Our team mission was "Celebrating Family Fun" and we hosted over one million visits!

I'm a past member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association and (E0) Entrepreneurs Organization, a global network of 9,500 business owners in 42 countries.

Rob Sold His Last Sales System To Achieve International.


His Proven System Was Featured In This Best Selling Book That Sold Over 120,000 Copies. 

Rob Scaled Down His Disney Training To Grow Sales At Dinotown. After Hosting Over One Million Visits, He Sold The Park.

Rob Looks Forward To Connecting and Learning More About Your Priority Needs.

Start A Conversation With Rob